Hope & Responsibility - Lockdown Edition

TEDxATU is scheduled for 18th December 2020
TEDxATU’s chief motif is "Hope & Responsibility".


By discussing desires, aspirations, and visions of society, we also bring the issue of the mutual co-existence of each person as a member of a particular society into light. This desirable living condition has different exigencies, but the most important ones are “Development” and “Happiness”: Development and happiness are some of the key factors of a satisfactory life. They are rooted deep inside every human being. However, we can’t ignore that the surrounding environment and society’s conditions and qualifications can affect them.

Our Speakers

We have gathered a crowd of responsible and hopeful individuals who will enlighten us on having hope and taking responsibility when it seems impossible.

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With the generous help of our sponsors, we can take a step for our community.

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You can contact us with any subject via the below-mentioned email address:

info [at] tedxatu [dot] co

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