Amirhossein Takian

Amirhossein Takian is a Professor at the Department of Global Health & Public Policy at Tehran University of Medical Sciences. After graduating from Shahed Medical University, he received his Ph.D. from London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.

A physician by training, Prof. Takian has a track record research in health policy analysis in the field of evidence-based policymaking, primary care, global health, non-communicable diseases, universal health coverage, and ehealth. He has published over 90 peer reviewed journal articles, 14 books, 4 book chapters, and 18 commissioned national and international reports. He is a professor of health policy in university and Vice-Dean at Health Equity Research Center.

“How do health policies affect the healthcare system? And how can we improve health conditions in society with the right policies?”

These are topics and questions Professor Takian works on.