Esmaeil Azari

Esmaeil Azari moved to Dehdasht, Kohkiluyeh and BuyerAhmad, after finishing his studies both at seminary and university. His main activity is teaching in seminary but in his free time, he travels to poor, rural areas to tell stories for children, paint their schools and repair people’s houses.

“It is not possible to educate and treat our children by giving speeches or preaching, but my only tools are tales, playing and colors.”

-Esmaeil Azari 

He also has two degrees, Bachelor’s of Sociology and Master’s of Mysticism. His goal is to enhance the culture of storytelling and reading in poor villages among their children and with his motto “story, colors and ball” he started traveling to poor areas to reach his goal.


He is completely independent to any social institution or organization and works on his own, he buys the books by spending his own salary or by others in-kind aids. He once said in an interview: “There’s a sense of hopelessness, there are financial difficulties, but personally I haven’t lost my hope. My hope is these kids, so long as I can encourage them to read books, I’ll remain hopeful. So long as I see kids with books in their hand, hope will be there.