Ramin Rabii

Ramin Rabii is CEO of Turquoise Partners and has been leading the company ever since he helped launch the company back in 2005. As the Chief Executive Officer and with his international experience working in Iran, Switzerland, Canada and UK, he has managed to grow the group to over 150 employees and $250 Million AUM across several listed and private entities.

Turquoise is currently the leading privately-owned financial and investment holding group in Iran with a wide range of services that include domestic and international asset management, brokerage, and corporate finance as well as proprietary investments in public and private equity, venture capital and real estate.

He obtained his BEng. from Queen’s University in Kingston/Canada and his MSc. from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in London/UK. Rabii is currently Chairman of the Board of two listed Iranian investment companies and Vice Chairman of Sheypoor, one of the leading Iranian e-commerce ventures. Ramin Rabii has been widely quoted in international media covering the Iranian economy, capital markets, foreign investment and the startup ecosystem.